Special Delivery III was insane!

It's hard to believe that 5 months have passed since DC shoes Special Delivery III and Jeru The Damaja Presents Do The Right Thing took to the streets of Europe.

5 countries, 5 clubs and 5 billion hours of fun, laughs and just all around good times with great people.

We kicked off the tour in Barcelona on June 21st (go skateboarding day), and if you know anything about Spain you know this place is the capital of fun. Great music provided by my home girl Dj Kisa set the tone for what would be a night of pure madness and extreme fun. 

City The King and Zoolay did a great job, Afu Ra hit the stage with so much energy I thought he might spontaneously combust. Next up, the debut performance of my new group The Funky Pandas so I was really anxious to rock. We jumped on stage and the crowd went nuts, Barcelona never disappoints. 

The next day was all about the skaters, local skaters pulled off sick tricks and won sick kicks for doing things like clearing picnic tables and other street style urban ninja like maneuvers. It reminded me of the times I would hang out at my boy Vinnie Ponte's house and play skate. It was a very entertaining afternoon

Afterwards we headed over to Boardriders Barceloneta and had what must've been the coldest beer I have ever drank in my life. We hung out on the rooftop for a while watched the girls on the beach, then jumped on the makeshift stage and gave the shoppers a taste of The Funky Pandas.

After that we headed over to dinner with all the guys from DC Shoes, sat at a huge table, ate and drank and laughed our asses off, and this was just the first two nights.

So now take what I've just told, you multiply it by 4, and make it more extreme each night, in each country, and that sums up this one of a kind venture that we embarked on.

I've attached this unofficial video so you can see what it is for yourself, enjoy!


Photos by: Shelton Woolright