The Funky Pandas have arrived

The Funky Pandas are the alter egos of, Jeru The Damaja (Black Panda) and Psycho Les (Dr. Love Panda).

 The Funky Pandas was formed in a smoke filled bar in Berlin in late 2015 and their debut album Certified Bamboo will be released  late 2017.

 Although The Funky Pandas is comprised of two hip hop veterans, the sound of Certified Bamboo is all new. Songs like “Digital Criminal” and “Roller Coaster”   are guaranteed hits, twisting hip hop into a new form of artistic expression.

 Certified Bamboo is fresh, fun, super funky and promises to be that next level of hip hop. Bringing back the elements of style, great concepts, originality and just all around good music.

 I would love to describe the sound of Certified Bamboo but I have never heard anything like it to make the comparison. So get ready, get excited and get Certified Bamboo.

 The Funky Pandas have arrived and they plan to stay. In the words of Black Panda “Be the Panda”.


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